Market update for single-family homes and condos in Hollywood, FL

Single-family homes in Hollywood are very much in demand with buyers, making it an excellent time to sell and get top dollar.

Presently there are 452 single-family homes for sale in the city of Hollywood ranging from $130,000 up to $5 million.

Of the 452 residences for sale:

  • 52 units are two bedroom homes ranging in price from $130,000 up to $569,900.
  • 220 are three-bedroom homes listed for $136,900 up to $2,150,000.
  • 110 are four-bedroom homes available for sale from $224,900 up to $4,490,000.
  • 49 are five-bedroom homes listed for sale from $299,000 up to $3,800,000.
  • 13 are six-bedroom homes listed for sale from $674,500 up to $5,000,000.
  • Five are seven-bedroom homes listed for sale from $599,000 up to $3,950,000.
  • Three are eight-bedroom homes available for sale from $549,000 up to $1,175,000.

In the previous 12 months, there were 1,344 homes sold or 112 per month.  With only 452 homes currently available for sale, it would take just 4.03 months to sell the current supply, if no other homes came on the market.  As we have seen with Pembroke Pines and Miramar, sellers have the advantage over buyers in the single-family sector.

It’s a different story when it comes to condominiums for sale in Hollywood.

There are 908 units available for sale, ranging from $54,900 up to $9,995,000.

Of those 908 condo units available for sale:

  • 36 are studios priced from $95,000 up to $299,000
  • 327 are one-bedroom units priced from $54,900 up to $875,000
  • 386 are two-bedroom units priced from $59,999 up to $1,900,000
  • 135 are three bedroom units listed from $189,000 up to  $3,550,000
  • 19 are four-bedroom units listed from $235,000 up to $5,500,000
  • Two units are five-bedrooms listed at $2,757,000 and $4,999,000
  • Two units are six-bedrooms listed at $5,500,000 and $7,499,000
  • One unit is a seven-bedroom Penthouse at Trump Hollywood on the market for $9,995,000.

In the preceding 12 months, 1,132 condos were sold in Hollywood, or 94.33 per month.  With 908 currently available for sale, that means it would take 9.62 months to sell the entire inventory of condos currently on the market.  This presents an excellent opportunity for buyers to negotiate a deal.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home or condo in Hollywood, or have questions about the market, please feel free to contact me.

Maria Lopez
RE/MAX Advance Realty
(305) 467-0774












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